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Do you really like your wedding planner?

So you are considering hiring a wedding planner because you want the memories of your very special day to be absolutely amazing. You want to be able to remember the day as flawless ... perfect! You certainly don't want those happy memories to be clouded by things like the band playing music you absolutely hated at your reception, or the caterer serving cold dishes because the timing of the events wasn't right or the florist delivering the wrong flowers to the reception. wedding venue.

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Regardless, even with the best planned, things always don't go exactly as planned, no matter how well coordinated they are. The planner can check and double check every item on your event calendar, but things happen that you sometimes can't control. The florist truck breaks down on its way to the wedding chapel, the wrong tent is delivered to the outside reception even though the planner has the order form in his hand stating that the correct tent has been ordered and that's how it goes. 

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Of course, blunders or mistakes by others can hurt the flow and outcome of an event, things happen, mistakes and mistakes are made and hard work and planning cannot prevent some things from going wrong. You just don't have everything under control and the event could suffer.

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Fortunately, there are very few things you cannot control when planning and producing an event.For the most part, with careful planning and making the right choices, you determine what your event will look like.And one of the most important choices you make to influence the success of your event is to choose the right wedding planner for you and when I say the right planner I'm not just talking about the planner's experience or their skills.I'm not saying a planner's experience and skills aren't important. 

Far from it.When you hire a Wedding Planner, you need to make sure they have the level of experience and expertise required to properly plan and manage your event. After all, this is one of the most important events in your life.But what I also find very important for THE DAY and its success is a good working relationship between you and your planner.When choosing a planner, we sometimes see the planner only as an entrepreneur and your relationship with him as a business appointment.

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